Courses, Workshops, Individual or Group Empowerment Sessions and Keynote Speaker Topics

You can book a personalized consultation or group gathering to enhance your specific needs. Arlana shares her innate talents, experiences, training, and knowledge through unique and powerful tools that will help you to discover and reconnect with your true essence, to find balance and empowerment through personal transformation.

These tools will empower you and help you be more centered in your being and move forward in your life,  with confidence, clarity and joy. Each consultation is tailored to your needs, and will focus on your personal journey.
These are some of the goals you may wish to achieve:

Identify and transform non conscious patterns and limitations

Shift your frequency to resonate with your true essence

Work on all levels of energy-physical, emotional and spiritual

Create and shift on all levels – health, career, prosperity, relationships

Develop Your Individual Style

Learn to Dress With Intention and Manifest Your Dreams

Discover Your Personal Power Colors

Book your session in person or by phone.The initial consultation is at no charge.

Please check out some of the course topics below

Elemental Wardrobe Wisdom

Learn about the 5 Elemental Archetypes and gain deeper insights into how to truly express yourself at an authentic level. Allowing you to better understand yourself and connect to others in a much more profound way…. all through your most personal environment…the clothes you wear. Just as Feng Shui in your home helps you to create harmony, health and wellness, being aware of your Personal Energy Signature© can help you to align yourself with your true desires in an even deeper and more powerful way.

Awakening your Inner Goddess Wisdom

Learn how to reconnect to the sacred goddess within. Meet with 7 Goddess Archetypes and allow their energy to help you reawaken your own inner Goddess. Learn the difference between masculine and feminine energies and how they are at work in your life. Identifying and honoring your inner Goddess will help you will feel more grounded and balanced, more aligned with your truth and your inner power.

Back to Bliss - 7 week chakra/energy realignment

We give and give, and if we don’t put a fail safe in place, we will continue to let ourselves run down, until it gets harder and harder to recharge and get back up again. It’s time to create a template for self love, that will become a foundation we can rely on. Reset to your true balance point, feel grounded and confident as you gain access to techniques that will empower you each and every day. Discover how to realign your energy centers and lock into that place of inner peace and wellness.

7 Key Strategies for Living your Highest Lifes Purpose - Self Love Masterclass

When facing change, there is nothing more important than finding the place inside you where you feel happy and safe. It is in this place where your creativity blossoms and your true happiness resides. Learning how to access this state of balance and bliss is key to surviving life’s challenges and with practice, these key elements can help you feel more grounded, help you deal with daily challenges and help you move more confidently on your path of personal and spiritual growth.

Online Sacred Wisdom Sharing Circle

This group is a place for like minded, heart centred beings to gather, connect, ask questions, build relationships, spread ideas, share gifts, tips, and co-create a vibrant, inspired, interactive community. We are here to uplift and support one another!

Please join us!  CLICK HERE

Speaker Series

Give your staff or group the insight they need, to encourage, to reward or to boost their morale and confidence. Choose from one of the topics listed above or one of the categories listed below and I will customize it to suit your needs.Choose from informational or interactive based presentations.

LUNCH N LEARN SERIES- Many of the individualized and corporate training sessions can be made into short and powerful `mini` sessions.
KEYNOTES- Customize a presentation to suit your conference or workshop needs on any of the topics listed here.