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WOW... Amazing!

Just opening the pages of her Online Program, made me feel empowered and loved!   Well done!

Arlana Tanner-Sibelle has created a program built on a lifetime of research and personal growth. The guidance offered is presented in a loving, unobtrusive manner. Students can proceed at their own pace, giving time to absorb the lesson, time to experience living with the new knowledge, and time to let the physical body integrate the new paradigm. Lessons are offered in a logical and practical order. Follow up/support is provided, as requested. The investment in time and money will give results that will last a lifetime!”

Lynette Young, B.ED Author of Welcoming Wellness, Welcoming Peace, and Welcoming Guidance audio series.

"Arlana is a creative genius when it comes to inventing ways to empower women and help you become a better you physically, mentally & spiritually. I attended one of her Goddess workshops which was really an overview of a lot of the aspects of her business. It was well attended with over 100% turnout which shows how very personable Arlana and the shows the need out there from women who want more in their life. She had us sharing in a unique and very creative atmosphere and later had us up and dancing, shaking our hips and becoming the goddesses we were meant to be. I had a fun time and highly recommend Arlana to everyone. She also does one on one sessions as well as parties. Check her out. She really has your best interest at heart. I trust her."
Judy Kerr

Arlana, it was a beautiful and inspiring day. I love your energy, your joy and your "medicine". Your sense of humour added the right touch and your immense wisdom was never-ending. Thank you for sharing that wisdom with women and thank you for helping to heal the earth by healing women through smells, dancing, laughter, affirmations and beauty!"    Namaste, M Rogers

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Your customized program is well thought out and flows well with the changes I am going through. There is just the right amount of personal input and guidance. Thank you."Terri O

“You have a wonderful way of listening with your heart and hearing what is really being said. You opened my eyes and heart to a new place of being. I am sure this will change me forever."    Kim

"I really had fun! I enjoyed the oils with the chakras and will keep doing them. Very Informative. You a are very relaxed and loving person to be around. The energy is great. The dancing was awesome."   G Larocque

"I loved the meditation, the belly dancing and I also really loved the Angel whispers! I loved the goodie bags and when I hold the stone I received up to my heart,I can feel it vibrate."   C V

"I feel closer to myself and connected to other women."    S G

"What a wonderful day! Awakening my feminine side was so much fun."    BB

"Thank you for reminding me how good it feels to nurture my feminine side. The costumes, the dancing and the meditation made for an empowering day."    GM

"I loved "playing dress up". I had forgot how beautiful I could feel."    ST

"I so enjoyed the meditations and the opportunityto connect to other women."   OM

"What a fun day! I truly enjoyed it.Thank you, it was just what I needed."   TG

"Thank you for a truly enjoyable day. I am anxiously awaiting your book to come out."   BG

A few Business Presentation Reviews…

"I found the course to be very interesting. It opened up my eyes to see myself in a new light."

"The information shared was very timely, and I think I will have to do some follow up work with you."

"Very interesting and inspiring."

"You have a wonderful way about you. Since the first time I met you, I have seen the pride you take in your appearance and the way you present yourself, it inspired me to redefine my professional image."

"We were very pleased with the image presentation that you organized for us at Investors Group. I found that the information was very helpful and valuable to all that participated."

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