Arlana Sibelle

Arlana is an intuitive, healer, writer, speaker and certified personal development coach. She has facilitated numerous personal growth and wellness workshops, and is the creator of Back to Bliss an interactive 11 week program to designed to help re-balance your life; mind, body and spirit. Combining these empowering energies and skills into her business, Arlana offers unique and powerful tools that help clients discover and reconnect with their true essence to find balance and empowerment through personal transformation.

Bliss Strategies with Arlana

Arlana's passion for creating optimal health and well-being has evolved from over 20 years of working in the holistic wellness field and includes certification in several healing modalities including; Energy Healing, Thought Field Therapy, Fashion Feng Shui, Bellyfit and Movement classes. She is a certified Personal Development Coach, Workshop Facilitator, and Holistic Practitioner.

This powerful combination of practices leads the way to create a deeper and more powerful connection to self and to those around you.

Her training and experience working in the social services industry and her passion for holistic wellness has given her an edge in personal and spiritual development that few others understand...a true holistic approach.

You can access these services through; One on One Coaching, Group Sessions or Corporate Events Specialties: Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive Coach

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