Personal and Spiritual Development Resources

You can find more empowering information by accessing these resources

WE University

Resources to help and guide you...

  • to find your Balance Point (even when it is constantly changing)

  • to access your deepest and most compelling aspects of self (and feel safe there)

  • to feel grounded and supported on your journey

  • to connect with other like-minded people

  • to gain the skills and learn the techniques that will allow you to regain your strength and step into your power

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FaceBook Support Groups

Sacred Wisdom - This group is to cultivate sacred authentic connection, and share our gifts so we can can grow and thrive on our Spiritual journey. This group is a place for like minded, heart centred beings to gather, connect, ask questions, build relationships, spread ideas, share gifts, tips, and co-create a vibrant, inspired, interactive community. We are here to uplift and support one another!

Goddess Wisdom Sisterhood - We all have access to Divine Feminine energy to ground us, support us and heal us. The energy of the feminine is one of creativity, acceptance, love and healing. It is important in our growth and in the development of future generations to experience and share this empowering sacred knowledge.

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